I'm not DEAD: Reviving NichePie

I’m not DEAD: Reviving NichePie

Nichepie Revival

Guess what? I AM NOT DEAD!

My teachers kept me busy with my studies and that is probably the best excuse I can make for being inactive, right?

But no, I am going to take full responsibility and apologize for leaving the site on its own.

It’s been more than 2 years, lots of things are changed… (In SEO as well as in WordPress)

Why I was inactive?

Well, long story short… STUDIES!

I was investing most of my time to become a graduate for my parent’s interests, sounds horrific? Well, it does to me.

So, was I successful? No, I wasn’t… It is sad that I did my best and still it wasn’t for me.

Other than that, I was a bit upset after Google shut down a few of my favorite SEO techniques because of spamming.

Shit happens, right?

What is going on right now? Am I back?

Life is normal, back in Pakistan since March 2019. Started a couple of Offline businesses.

Opened up one of my own “Gaming Center” in Lahore, The Localhost Gaming. It was a dream of mine since childhood πŸ™‚

It is not a big deal really, but it does fancy me.

The affiliate business is also great. A couple of sites doing great in ranking and monthly commissions, though google is kicking hard these days.

Other than that…

  • I have performed hajj (an Islamic activity) last year in 2018 along with my parents.
  • Visited Istanbul, Scotland, Dubai, and Vienna in the last 2 years.
  • Dropped out of college AGAIN!
  • Had one of my site penalized in the last June update, and somehow fixed that.
  • Invested quite a lot of money in Cryptos and Offline businesses including real estate.

After all of that, I had plans for NichePie and to execute those plans, I had to come back.

I will keep the site updated from now on and will try my best to publish 2 articles every month.

What is new in SEO and WordPress?


Things have changed quite a lot.

Google Rankbrain and Gutenberg are probably the biggest changes happened in the past 2 years, which affected a niche site making and ranking procedure completely.

Google Rankbrain is the new addition in their algorithm which has changed the SEO with a massive hit.

Now the google bots study the behavior of page traffic and rank accordingly.

A better guide written on Google Rankbrain is here.

Now to Gutenberg, which is actually the new WordPress editor.

Gutenberg – Best or Worst thing ever happened to WordPress?

WordPress Gutenberg

Killing the suspense, it is the best thing ever… At least for me!

Now before you ask me why, I will give you 3 simple points to stand my argument.

1. The block editor

Gutenberg works on block-based approach, which makes it easy to understand what’s going on and to move blocks (filled with content) up and down easily.

courtesy of codeinwp.com

And since each block is different, you can make your content look good and structured by using different backgrounds and integrating other stuff.

In short, it does the stuff which was not possible before without using any page builder plugin like Elementor or Beaver Builder, though Gutenberg won’t slow down your site like those page builders.

2. Gutenberg dedicated plugins/extensions

A number of Gutenberg extensions are getting developed.

Yoast SEO, allows you to include schema-integrated FAQs and How-To Sections only in Gutenberg.

Yoast SEO

So, I suggest you include FAQs section in your affiliate buyer’s guides, to get google featured results like these.

Google FAQs by Yoast

There are a lot of other Gutenberg extensions to make your content look fancy, including Ultimate Gutenberg and Stackable.

3. Future of WordPress

As WordPress is now using the Gutenberg as its default editor, you can expect that there will be no longer any updates for the classic editor.

It is better to adopt this new block-based editor and learn how to do magic with it.

Even the pros like Brian Dean are shifting to Gutenberg and making their posts fancy.

An example can be seen here.

The classic editor helped the content to look better from the front end but at the backend, it was a mess, meanwhile, Gutenberg helps to understand the content from the backend as well.

Why move to Gutenberg for Affiliate Sites?

As I mentioned earlier, TO DO MAGIC!

Do you know what is magic?

and this…

This is magic…

Don’t worry, there is a guide coming on this magic stuff.

Guess how good and professional your article will look if you open each product with such box and before you ask me anything, yes it is inspired by TheWireCutter.

Although it was possible before with the help of shortcode ultimate, Gutenberg has made it quite easier.

I am doing it from quite some time, and yes, it does attract a lot of eyeballs and so does amazon clicks.

There are countless possibilities which I can’t cover in one article, so you can expect a few upcoming guides on Gutenberg and structuring article.

And of course, I am not going to teach you how to use Gutenberg, though you can take help from this brilliant guide.

How to Use the New WordPress Block Editor?

What is Coming Next?

Another case study, and tons of guides on SEO, Content Editing and structuring, and other amazon affiliate stuff really soon!

And this time too, I will reveal the URL for sure, and of course, detail guide on Rankbrain and Gutenberg by amazon affiliate perspective too.

Why I’ll reveal again? Because there is no fun doing stuff without headache…
The core subject of this article was just to let you guys know that I am back in business.

I discussed gutenberg and rankbrain, to help you predicting the upcoming case study and articles.

If you have any questins or want me to write about something, do let me know in the comments below. I will be answering to as much queuries as possible.

62 thoughts on “I’m not DEAD: Reviving NichePie”

  1. Hey, Luqman where you were bro? I thought you are not gonna publish any content on this site but we want to learn more from you.

    Today I got notification of your email and at first, I close it but then it clicks on mind that, “was it titled Luqman from Nichepie?”

    And I immediately open my inbox and yeah it was your email.

    I was and am very happy to see you again.

    And I know you are gonna publish some great post in future and I am waiting for them.

    Welcome Back, Brother πŸ™‚

  2. First to comment!

    This is the best news I have gotten today! I’m glad you are armed and ready to share knowledge bombs.

    Your Fan

  3. Wow Luqman, it is great to see you come back. Two years, lots of things happen. And I growed from newbie to an SEO pro. Now my site get 300K unique visitors per month. Yes, I did it from zero to 300K.

    Bro, it is your blog that inspire me to do Amazon affiliate, it is your blog that let me know we can make money in this way. Thank you very very much.

    Wish you all the best,


  4. Just visited your blog yesterday and now, you are in my email inbox, what a day πŸ˜€

    Anyway, ever thought of some exclusive FB group or email list, where get further exclusive stuffs before you release to the world?

    C’mon, give us something to be ahead of others πŸ™‚

  5. Welcome back! You are the one who got me into affiliate marketing! A big thank you for that. Looking forward to your case study!

  6. Hello πŸ™‚

    Glad to see you back too.

    Your case study was awesome back in the days…

    Please do some more case study revelations again.

    Glad to see you back, really!

  7. Hey Luqman,

    Welcome back bro! Its so good to see you back at nichepie! I am looking forward to a jaw dropping case study from you (LOL).
    Anyways, Congratulations for performing Hajj. πŸ™‚


  8. Great stuff again, Unable to join your β€œAMZ Affiliate Bootcamp”. To learn more kindly help me out.

    Best Regards

  9. Awesome! Glad to have you back on board LOVE 😍 . We were waiting for another inspirational stuff from you and Finally you are here. We also heard about your marriage… Is that True?
    If it is…then we really wish you Best of Luck for the Upcoming Life with Unlimited Achievements.

    Stay Happy, Stay Blessed

  10. Welcome back to the Digital world! I almost forgot you when I saw your email. I even forgot about NichePie until I checked out your pages again.
    Been following you from the case of 10Beast, I am curious about what’s your next ventures in 2019 and beyond!

  11. Hi Luqman,

    Good to see you back.

    And glad to know that you like Gutenberg. I just wanted to let you know that we have developed a Gutenberg blocks plugin named “Ultimate Blocks”. This plugin is specially designed for Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers.

    If possible, give it a try. I hope you’ll like it.

    Istiak Rayhan

  12. Hello Luqman,
    I had created an affiliate blog in 2017, inspired by your story.

    I have worked hard to design it. And I haven’t published any content yet.

    The design is complete. The problem is; I can’t write reviews of the products.

    Because I have no idea, how to find and list the top 10 products. Also, I have no idea about the pros and cons of the products.

    Can you please teach me the research process?

    PS: I am following you since 2017 and I really want your help.

    You can email me the process. The email is in the comment.

    M. James

    • Hey Malaika,
      There are you 2 ways…

      1st: Re-writing and compiling.

      It is not about writing reviews it is about re-writing.
      You can search for the reviews already, simply re-write them in your own words, and compile 10 reviews together to create a buyer’s guide.
      It will take some time to learn.

      2nd: Research and write.

      You can choose the 10 products from other posted articles or from amazon best sellers list. After choosing 10 products you can research for each product on amazon itself.
      See what the product has to offer, read the buyer’s reviews on Amazon. See what the find best in the product or what they found worst.
      Then start writing the reviews.
      Each review can be 400 words, describe what is good in the product (220) words, describe what is bad in the product (80) words, write a review summary (70 Words), Write Pros/Cons (30 Words).
      Not a big deal really, but it will take some time to master.

      Just to let you know, I don’t write my guides myself, I have hired writers for that.

  13. Hi Luqman bro your email made my day I am very happy that you are back I had start one Amazon niche site and need your some help to rank my site .

  14. Study isn’t for everyone. I personally have dropped out of college several times. Although I have completed grad back in 2014, I am yet to finish the final procedure and grab my certificate. I don’t feel the urge to do that. Studies never made sense to me. I’m an almost business graduate and not 1 course made sense to me. It taught me things I already knew, it tried to dumb down my knowledge and senses.

    Anyways good to hear back from you bro and congratulations on performing the hajj. May Allah subhanwat’ala grant your hajj, Ameen.

    Waiting for the next case study, fb group and info articles.

    You have inspired me to start again with affiliate marketing which I had dropped thanks to studies and my mom and dad.

    Love from Bangladesh.

    • Hey Devender,
      You have asked a complex question which is quite impossible to answer in a comment, though you have provided me a nice idea for my next post.
      I will write a post on niche selection soon.


  15. Hi,
    Luqman my question How do I use a Page Specific Custom Widget? like specific article and same match article to add widget tell me like my article is gaming mouse so how to add same match custom widget my sidebar only this is post view then show same article widget tell me

  16. Great to know that you are back, Luqman. Your 10beast was certainly an inspiration for a lot of affiliate marketers. Eagerly waiting or the new study.

    You mentioned that one of your sites was affected by last June update and you fixed it. Can you please give an insight into that, I am still struggling to recover from that, hope you can help.

    • Well, I had that penality because of posting “Affiliate Content” only, you need to maintain a ratio between money and informational content.
      You need to post more non-affiliate content, it worked for me.

  17. Nice to hear that you are ok
    I stumble upon your site in 2016 if I recall and decided to make an amazon affiliate site even though English is not my native language, I was sure at that time that I was gonna fail
    My first site failed
    My second site failed
    My third made about ~20 $ and failed obv
    This is my 4 site and its making 50-150 $/month
    The more I learn the more I realize that the 4’th its also a partial failure because I overdo it.
    I spend ten’s oh hours learning Thrive Architect and building “beautiful” post and pages because some dude on an udemy course said so. In reality, he was only trying to make an extra buck beeing an affiliate with Thrive.
    Right now I’m moving my post from Thrive Architect to WordPress-Guttenberg and trying to make the post-pages as simple as possible without compromising the quality because I found out the hard way that simple design works better.
    I also get rid of the table plugin and I will stick to a simple Html table generator.
    I wish I could get rid of tables entirely but they help a lot with the CTR.
    Have a nice day and hope I will hear from you soon!

  18. Am so happy to see you back my friend.

    I hope to see you teaching how to create a very good product details like of thewirecutter and explain the idea behind their deals page have tried this with many programmer on fiverr but non of them can get close.

    Now I know gurtenberg is the way.
    Thanks in advance.

  19. Welcome Back Bro,

    finally, I’m also a Amazon affiliator.

    4 months ago, I buy bad structure domain and start publishing content, Now I ranked my site and earned $110.

    Thanks buddy, You really inspire me.


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